Jeff Berwick also known as the Dollar Vigilante shares his powerful views on the government, cryptocurrencies and the central banking system!
Is Gold still relevant in the 21st century? Jeff brings us his insights on the topic and also overcoming depression and the key to inner happiness.

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01:50 The freedom movement and Bitcoin replacing the dollar
06:35 Debt slaves, central banking and the emergence of Bitcoin
10:10 Will the Gold community embrace Bitcoin as an alternative wealth preserver
14:00 Is Gold relevant in the 21st century?
18:50 The Venezuelan petro cryptocurrency – can it work?
23:50 rogue governments using cryptocurrencies to escape the US Dollar
26:45 “The Free Market Will Flourish If Given The Chance!”
26:50 Overcoming depression and the key to happiness
34:15 Where to find out more from the Dollar Vigilante