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    Our friend, economic researcher and conspiracy buff Joe, known by his youtube channel jsnip4 and site discusses 2016 election predictions, realistic world crash scenarios and if this is all elite planned. His belief is that timelines are misleading as the trigger will be pulled only when the powers that be feel it is right. So he thinks a crash will be delayed until after the election.

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    02:20 Deutsche Bank on Verge of Collapse
    05:50 Big Hedge Funds pulling out
    07:00 Will they be Bailed Out?
    09:00 Lindsey Williams predictions panning out?
    09:30 9/11 28 Pages, Now You can Sue Saudi Arabia
    11:00 Will Saudi Arabia be Blamed for Market Crash?
    15:00 Chinese Yuan Joins IMF SDR today, Gold Holdings
    17:50 Elite Predictive Programming in Movies like BP Oil Spill
    19:30 US Dollar to Crash or Rally in next World Crash?
    23:10 Bo Polny predictions wrong; elite change timelines
    26:10 Donald Trump Not Likely to Win, Clinton to Rig Vote
    29:10 Hillary’s Health Issues, Sep 11 Fall
    30:30 Election Polls Rigged; No Recount, exit polls…
    34:20 First Presidential Debate, was she fed answers?
    38:40 Bo Polny’s Cycle Predictions Review
    41:20 Elites Don’t want Markets Crashing Before Election
    45:30 Get more From Joe ‘jsnip4’, youtube channel &