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    David talks about trading and market cycles. What to expect and how the precious metals market moves based on market cycles from the past. He gives us lots of tips to invest peacefully and avoiding that our emotions control our decisions. He explains how to use our reason to get most profits in every investment we do.

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    02:00 US Stocks Manipulated Higher as 2016 Election approaches
    03:30 More Stocks down on average than actually up
    05:30 Negative Interest Rates make Debt worth more than Cash
    07:30 Deutsche Bank Derivatives Risk; Europe/Italian Banks to Crash First
    11:00 More QE, Helicopter Money; All Fiat Currencies to Be Destroyed
    12:30 2016 Election: Clinton vs Trump, How crazy will this get?
    14:00 Possible Election Suspension as Black Lives Matter Protests Rage
    16:30 If Trump is Not a Trojan Horse he’d clean up the Government
    17:45 NWO Has 100% Control; Reset Coming; Commodities to Skyrocket
    18:20 Gold Price Suppression Scheme to End with Market Shutdown