We have our very own editor TraderStef with us to discuss Trump, Gold and much more informative topics!
TraderStef gives us her opinion on why President Trump could be the next Andrew Jackson and the stealth rally of Gold happening while everyone is focused on the Crypto Currencies. We also cover Silver and the suppressed potential of the poor mans Gold.

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02:25 Trump the next Andrew Jackson?
05:25 Jackson the only President to leave the country in the black!
07:35 Judy Shelton quote regarding Gold’s true value
08:30 FED Rates and the current situation
15:25 The US Dollar is breaking Down, Gold Is Benefiting!
17:45 Everyone’s watching Bitcoin while Gold stealthily rises
19:45 Variables influencing Gold’s price
24:45 Can Gold and Silver repeat the bullish Crypto Currencies rally?
30:20 Diagnosis on Silver
34:45 Where to find out more from TraderStef!