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    Adam Meister the Bitcoin Meister is with us in this explosive interview! Adam is a returning guest and shares his passion about Bitcoin and Blockchain!
    With more news regarding Bitcoin’s scaling debate in the headlines we go over the implications of the User Activated Soft Fork (UASF), Bitcoin in 2020 and why investors should remain logical and hold their Bitcoin for the long term.
    Adam warns us against irrational thinkers and the “doom porn” a term used to describe those who spread fear and doubt online.
    To contact Adam regarding talks or consultation his email is and find him on his popular Youtube Channel

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    To get more from Adam: BitcoinMeister

    02:15 Bitcoin is Digital Gold and defying the sceptics!
    04:15 World only knows Bitcoin!
    05:45 Don’t be impulsive! Buy and Hold until 2020!
    08:30 Gold and Holders!
    10:35 Is Bitcoin manipulated and who spreads ‘Doom Porn’?
    13:35 Bitcoin ETF is it happening?
    16:15 Bitcoin is like the internet in 1995, still early
    17:00 The User Activated Soft Fork and the implications
    19:15 Splitting Bitcoin into two versions via Hard Fork
    21:55 Ethereum the new rival or ally to Bitcoin’s future?
    27:00 Ethereum coin cap
    30:15 irrational behaviour in the Crypto eco system
    31:15 run away from irrational people!
    32:45 Can the masses understand and accept the concept of Digital Money?
    36:55 Altcoin’s advantage lost when Bitcoin scales!
    41:00 Where to contact the Bitcoin Meister!