Michael Rivero is our special guest today, we will discuss the current situation with the Trump Administration and possibility of Hilary Clinton returning for 2020.
As the people wake up to the lies and hypocrisy of the Corporate Media and Governments across the Globe we talk about what is next and the outcome of the Elites if we have a system reset.

To get more from Michael: RepublicBroadcasting.org/what-really-happened-with-michael-rivero

01:15 Is the Left correct to attack Donald Trump Jnr?
03:55 Trump mindset
05:15 The hypocrisy of the Corporate Media
08:25 Can the corruption in Washington truly be disrupted?
10:55 Can any Government become corrupted?
13:45 Trump Presidency outlook
15:55 Hilary Clinton returning for 2020?
19:25 What could happen to Elites in a total system collapse?