In our very first debate on, Rick Ackerman says that helicopter money is not coming because some of his reasons being he sees a derivatives implosion and hyper-deflation wiping out the credit and not allowing any form of hyperinflation or massive money printing to come. Fabian, is of the belief that central banks are against the wall on this one and that their response to the economic fiasco will certainly be massive amounts of money printing.

What do you think, is helicopter money coming or not?

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02:25 Fabian’s reasoning and evidence for coming helicopter money
04:40 Why Rick thinks printing is not coming…Deflation & Debt
10:40 Could Money come direct to citzens? Fabians response to Rick
15:40 Rick responds to what is a credit crunch
17:10 The Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Implosion = HyperDeflation
18:40 Rick says crude oil will collapse again
23:40 When will they print money and possible hyperinflation?