In today’s interview we have Tao of Satoshi to share his unique insights into Blockchain, the recent Bitcoin Hard Fork and of course Dash.
We cover the newly formed relationship with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and how that influences Dash’s price.
Also covered is the latest updates on Dash and the ICO mania taking the Crypto Community by storm, Tao of Satoshi has his own popular Youtube Channel named Cash Alternative TV.

To get more from Tao:

01:30 What does Tao of Satoshi mean?
02:35 The relationship of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
05:55 Dash’s latest developments and the anonymity feature
09:55 Use cases of Blockchain based technology
13:25 Will regulations step in on the ICO mania?
15:05 Influence from Institutional money on Coins like Dash and Bitcoin
19:05 Where to learn more about Dash