Barry’s focus is opting you out of Wall Street’s rigged casino so you can preserve your wealth and maintain a happy life especially in today’s incredible volatility. Topics today include how Trump, he believes, is more of the same, predictions for world monetary shakeup and a general philosophy for your wealth.

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01:30 Barry’s Upcoming Book on the Wall Street Casino
02:00 Mr. Trump is business as Usual…no Sound Money Coming
05:10 When is the Next Shift in World Monetary System?
06:40 World Banks are falling apart, coming collapse
08:00 Hard Assets will always be a store of value
09:00 Insulate yourself from Wall Street speculation
10:00 Barry’s thoughts on bitcoin, digital currency
10:35 Dollar’s strength, Emerging Market debt
12:20 Italy is insolvent; unprecedented bank leverage
14:00 Closed Circuit economy makes it hard to Opt Out
15:30 California Pension liabilities unsustainable (CalPERS)
18:20 Obamacare changes under Trump? Premiums skyrocketing
19:30 Better stay in shape, don’t rely on healthcare industry
21:40 How to profit going forward in the markets, final thoughts
22:30 People today are enslaved in debt rather than chains