We have our very own editor and returning guest Luke Dodwell with us to share his insights regarding the latest news in the Crypto Space!
Luke discusses the possibility of another Ethereum Hard Fork and the reasons why Ethereum is surging and the danger of scams within the ICO hype.
We also go over the Bitcoin scaling debate and the BIP148 Soft Fork also known as the User Activated Soft Fork.

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02:10 Will Ethereum fork to Proof of Stake?
07:50 The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and their long term plan
11:35 BIP148 User Activated Soft Fork and what can happen
16:10 Has the scaling debate held back Bitcoin?
19:40 Litecoin shrugging off its boring reputation
23:00 Expensive Ethereum gives expensive Bitcoin
24:10 Ripple and the Banks scrambling to keep up with Crypto Currencies
27:20 The wide variety of interesting Altcoins in the space
31:10 Where to find the articles and learn more insights