Our friend David is back to talk with us about the US inflation and debt affecting the commodities market, making the gold, silver and palladium prices up. Also, how the increase of interest rates and the actual situation regarding the stocks is affecting the gold. All of this will help us to understand as he says “How US is exporting debt and death”. He´s going to analyze how the frauds brought to light by Wikileaks, and recent political events are influencing the precious metals price, and the role and game change that Trump is offering. With this panorama he is going to share techniques and opportunities to invest like the pros.

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04:40 Interest Rates Competing with Stocks
07:30 US Exporting Inflation Over Seas
10:10 The Loss of Control of the Establishment is Shaking Metals Price
25:50 Investment Discounts and Opportunities
31:30 David Predictions for Precious Metals on 2017

In a world of endless monetary expansion, the U.S. has benefited from having the status of its own currency being the world reserve currency. Inflation has been a result of this, and we’ve supported the crumbling economic environment through endless debt and a military industrial complex.

In an important discussion with David Morgan, of The Morgan Report, he goes into detail on the topic and gives us the economic environment for stocks and metals as we dive deeper into 2017.
The markets are shifting in psychology. Strong sentiment in the stock market is that the Dow Jones is going to 20,000 and higher and the initial run into 2017 could be strong for stocks.

Commodity markets are trading higher across the board, further establishing the bull market. Gold, silver, and platinum are up for the year by about 1%, with palladium up 4.5% for the year, seeing a significant tick towards the upside.
David Morgan is convinced that the top of the bond market is in and both higher interest rates and lower bond prices are on the horizon.
Real negative interests rates are a propelling force for gold. Even though we are seeing interest rates rise, we are still in a real negative interest rate environment.

In a stable monetary system, inflation does not exist. This concept of raising prices to incentive incentivize purchasing activity has become an economic stimulus the financial powers have become dependent on. In an environment of true technological growth and stable currencies, people’s standard of living actually see improvement and are not squeezed by the system in the way that we’ve been accustomed to living with in present day.

In the discussion, David Morgan shares some details on a company where the company is “mining” above- ground gold. David is known for uncovering opportunities in the investment world, and this is something you will want to be a part of.
Our conversation ends with some health wisdom from David Morgan, who is a wellness expert that shares some tips for optimal health.