In this powerful and important interview our returning guest Robert David Steele of joins us to share the hard facts regarding the Las Vegas shooting.
We look at the dynamics of a false flag and how Trump can use this incident to expose the Deep State, also mentioned is the chance of Trump returning for a second term and many other important, key topics.

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02:10 Was the Las Vegas shooting a false flag?
04:50 Transforming America into a police state
05:45 Evidence of a false flag and crisis actors
10:15 “Trump can use the Las Vegas shooting to take down the Deep State”
10:45 What are the implications of this false flag attack?
10:50 Treason by rouge elements within Government and the end game
14:15 America isn’t buying the crap fed by the Zionist
15:35 #Unrigged and what it represents!
22:05 What are the purposes of false flags?
25:20 Trump 2024 and draining the swamp
30:20 Trump to lead #unrigged

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