Possibly our favorite guest is back and his expertise will enlighten you on the current federal reserve rate decisions, gold & silver’s place and the next coming market crash which will be much greater than the one in 2008. For a summary of US economy problems, this should be your go to video!

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01:30 Inflation, NIRP/Negative Yields & Gold Price Reaction
04:30 Debt & QE Have slowed Down World Economy
06:10 US Economic Growth Lowest Ever Under President Obama
06:30 Today’s Debt Problem Began in 1971 End of Gold Standard
08:30 Current Monetary Policy is Failing; Cashless Society Coming
10:10 Interest Rates can Never Rise to Normal Levels
11:30 Rising Rates & Dollar would hurt Stock Market; Depression
16:50 Can Gold go Up Under Deflationary Pressures?
20:20 Could US Government Ban or Confiscate Gold after Rise?
23:00 401k & IRA Confiscation Likely to Prop Up US Economy
25:10 Wealth Gap for Blacks even Worse Under Obama
28:00 The Rich will be Taxed by the 99%’s Will & Anger
32:00 The Next 2008-Like Crisis will be Spectacular
33:10 Final Thoughts from John & get more