Popular and this time controversial guest Jeff Nielson is finally back. He discusses the FED rates, deflationary collapse potential, world war 3 and some shocking insight on negative interest rates. He’s interestingly one of our only guests calling this a fake gold rally.

Get more from Jeff Nielson at his site: BullionBullsCanada.com

01:50 Will FED Raise in September? Fed Uncertain & Unstable
03:30 Bernanke’s Wealth Effect & Exit Strategy Failure & Bubble
06:50 Gov/FED postponing Deflationary Crash with World’s Largest Ponzi Scheme
07:50 War & Plauge likely cover for Financial Collapse Coming
08:20 Is Current Gold & Silver Rally false bull market?
11:05 Propaganda & Price Action: Jeff Calls it a Fake Rally
11:40 Stock Market Too Big to Fail, Incompatible with Capitalism
15:05 NIRP (An Illegal Tax on Capital) & Gold Price
18:05 Businesses forced to Consume instead of Save & Invest
18:50 Denmark has the lowest Negative Rates caused tax pre-payments
20:20 What Makes Negative Interest Rates Illegal: ‘Consideration’