John is back on; he’s one of our good friends and favorite guests to have who just explains the macro picture for the US & world economy so succinctly without getting too sensational. In this interview we of course talk about the recent FED hike by 0.25%, what this means for gold and how this will relate to other actions by world monetary institutions over the next year or 2 as John predicts. John gives some stunning predictions for gold and the Federal Reserve you don’t want to miss, so please sit back and enjoy Mr. Dollar Collapse himself finally back on once again.

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00:15 FED Raises 0.25% Again: What will Gold Do?
02:20 Facing Inevitable Inflation & Crash
04:45 Federal Resrve is Out of Options, We’re Screwed
05:20 Gold Should be $5,000 per Oz Right Now
07:50 FED Needs Higher Rates for Future Cuts
09:10 World Monetary Policy still Easing
11:10 Eurozone Threatened: More Deep in Debt
13:00 Within 1 Year FED Should be Cutting Rates
15:30 Politics to Cause World Markets to go Crazy
17:30 Populism on the Rise Big in Europe
20:20 Will FED Soon Openly Buy Stocks & Real Estate?
26:00 Gold Price Prediction: $10 to $15K in 10 Years
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