We have a special first time interview today with American Entrepreneur Reggie Middleton, founder of Veritaseum, he also runs the popular tech blog called the boom bust blog. Reggie also accurately saw ahead regarding the 2008 crash and we will also discover insights from Reggie regarding the current geo political climate, Bitcoin and the future of Blockchain!

To get more from Reggie: Veritaseum.com

01.10 The Current Geo Political Situation
03:55 China’s cheaper workforce
05:15 The FED and Monetary Policies
07:35 FED is only the significant buyer
08:45 Mortgage backed securities and Interest rates effects on Real Estate
11:35 Is the FED going into the Stock Market?
14:35 Reggie on Bitcoin, Good and Bad!
16:10 Altcoins opinions
18:05 Blockchain and the Internet
22:15 The issue with the changing Industry of Digital Currencies
25:55 Blockchain Technologies’ Role in the Future
30:25 Reggie’s Final Thoughts