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    Our friend Nicholas is back once more to talk the Federal Reserve’s decision, 2016 election and if we could see stagflation for the next 5 years in the US Economy! We also discuss mining stocks, inflation and the oil price as well as supply.

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    01:10 Review of Past Interviews with Nicholas
    02:40 Federal Reserve Rate Hike, How will Economy React?
    03:20 FED & 2016 Election
    05:30 Stagflation Coming? Nicholas’ Predictions for Next 5 Years
    09:00 Rent Up; Government Actions Unintended Consequences
    15:10 Dow to Gold Ratio; Mining Stocks
    17:10 Inflation Rate
    18:20 Current Oil Price: Still Undervalued at $50 per Barrel
    19:15 Undersupply of Oil by 1st Quarter of 2017
    22:20 How Investors can Thrive in the New Economy

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    Oil & US Stock Crash, World Depression – EMERGENCY Interview with Nicholas Green of FMT Advisory