Today we have a legendary line up we have Tone Vays, Dave Scotese and Trace Mayer to talk about Bitcoin and all things Blockchain!
This huge panel discusses the potential fallout from a hard fork and a soft fork while sharing valued insights on where Bitcoin will be long term.
The passionate panel talk also about whether Roger Ver was censored and the ability of Bitcoin core compared to Bitcoin Unlimited!

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02:15 Tones Vay’s Response to Roger’s Interview
04:45 Trace Mayer Technology and Progress in Bitcoin
08:55 Fifty Five Thousand Nodes in Bitcoin’s Network!
14:55 Fighting The Bitcoin Network at your own Peril
15:55 Dave Scotese Bitcoin More Resilient or Hitting a Roadblock
21:05 Two Versions of Bitcoin?
22:05 Are Bitcoin Unlimited Good Enough?
28:45 How Successful would Segwit be on Litecoin?
33:45 Roger Ver Censored?
43:05 Panel’s Confidence in Bitcoin Overall…
54:05 Final Thoughts