When we focus on politics, it’s for good reason. In this interview we have Jennifer Briney who goes in depth to analyze what the US government is putting us through, and in this case the crazy things happening in the 2016 Election like: Hillary’s health scare & email scandal, poll numbers, Gary Johnson & 3rd parties and the budget debate in Congress getting it’s can kicked down the road once again.

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02:00 James Comey Used Holiday to Hide Clinton Email Scandal
03:00 Gov funding to run out between Thanksgiving & Christmas
05:00 Is Comey Republican party loyalist or what?
07:00 Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal
09:30 Hillary Health Scare Real or Overblown?
10:30 Constant Clinton Lies
13:00 Hillary vs Trump & the Polls are Nonsense
16:35 What if Hillary Dies before November?
17:30 Hillary Clinton was the Worst Candidate for Democrats
18:45 Jennifer’s friends even Republicans voting Gary Johnson
19:10 Third Parties can Win: Gary Johnson 2016 Path to Victory
22:10 Potential for Donald Trump Assassination?
23:20 Clinton concerning because she’s war monger
24:20 Democrat & Republican parties are private organizations
25:20 Get more from Jennifer; thoughts on Congress/New Laws