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    02:00 Why The New Case for Gold, Jim’s New Book & Gold Standard
    05:00 10% of Your Assets Should be in Gold for Safety
    07:30 Will Gold Rally in 2016?
    08:40 Dollar to get A Lot Weaker, Make Gold Look Stronger
    09:40 Is Gold Money? Would Gold Standard Cause Deflation?
    12:00 Gold Standard vs Supply
    15:10 Inflation vs Deflation
    17:00 Federal Reserve Now Delaying Rate Hikes to Cause Inflation
    18:10 Expect Collapse in World Money System in next Few Years

    Mr. Rickards has a B.A. honors degree from Johns Hopkins University where he graduated in 1973 and an M.A. in International Economics from Paul H. Nitze School of advanced International Studies.

    He’s the editor of Strategic Intelligence, a financial newsletter and he’s the director of ‘The James Rickards Project’.

    He’s authored several gooks including ‘Currency Wars’ (2011), ‘The Death of Money’ (2014) and ‘The New Case for Gold’ (April 2016).