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    Dale Olmstead is back with discussion on gold/silver markets, US Economy and the Gold backed debit card that’s better than Bit Gold! Risks and Benefits to holding gold and the Federal Reserve are discussed as well.

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    01:30 Will the FED Raise Rates or Keep Stocks Propped Up?
    05:45 Will we Have another Event like the Nixon Shock?
    06:30 Other Countries are Coming Buying Up US Resources
    07:20 Dale’s Take on Precious Metatls Shortages
    09:50 Digital Gold? Unallocated vs Allocated
    10:30 The Precious Metals Debit Card
    14:00 PMB vs Bit Gold, PMB is Better
    17:50 Benefit to Transacting in Gold vs Fiat Currency/Credit Cards
    18:50 Gold Price should Rise due to Supply/Demand
    19:45 Risk and Benefits to Holding Precious Metals at Home