Precious Metal analyst Mr. Christenson gives us an update on gold as well as revealing his new book on whether or not Fort Knox has the gold the US claims and how this would affect world precious metals markets and the economy.

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Get his New Book “Fort Knox Down!” just Released June 2, 2016: Gary’s Article on the Book

01:10 Introduction for Gary Christenson
01:40 Gary’s New Book: Does Fort Knox Have the Gold?
03:55 What the Fort Knox Gold Hoard Means for World Economics
04:45 Central Banks Lie that Gold is Not Important
07:00 Gold Market Manipulation: Managing a Steady Rise
11:00 Gary’s New Book on What Happens in a Fort Knox Audit
13:20 Potential Fake gold in Fort Knox
15:50 Gary’s Final Thoughts in Economy & World Debt
19:15 Where to get His Book & More from Gary Christenson

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