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    Peter Leeds is a first time guest and brings us a wide variety of expert knowledge and insights!
    With the recent controversy regarding Facebook, we look at tech stocks and the stock market in general and the looming recession.
    We also take a look at Gold prices, Bitcoin and the potential disruption of Artificial Intelligence.

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    01:05 Learning how to invest well
    02:35 Tech stocks and the Facebook controversy
    06:35 High manipulation and a recession we cannot avoid
    09:35 High manipulation
    13:55 Artificial Intelligence changing the global economy
    19:35 Turning your biggest obstacle into your biggest opportunity
    22:05 George Soros positioning in cryptocurrencies
    27:50 An accurate valuation of Bitcoin
    33:15 Will Gold be one of the best performing assets in 2018?
    36:05 Where to find Peter’s work and content