Popular guest Dave Kranzer is here with an extended interview on so many important topics that will affect the world economy in the next 2 years. Discussed are: Gold & Silver pricing, Federal Reserve interest rates, US Dollar & Japanese Yen, Emerging markets (investing in Russia), and the reasons now is a great time to buy mining stocks.

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02:00 Share Buybacks Real High – FED rates involved?
05:30 Record Money Entering Emerging Markets, 52-Week High
07:00 US ZIRP VS Russia’s Interest Rates Much Higher
08:15 Russia Debt to GDP Under 20%, US Debt to GDP 100%+
10:10 Gold & Silver Price slipping out of Central Bank Control?
14:40 Gold & Silver Price Predictions
16:40 Gold Defying Dollar Strength, Will Dollar Fall?
19:20 Dollar/Yen Trade Used to Manipulated Stocks & PM’s
24:00 Do Millionaires NIRP?
27:20 Junior Mining Stocks Bull Market GREAT TIME
31:00 HUI is 9 times cheaper now than in 2005
34:10 Get more from Dave & thoughts on HUI index