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    In today’s interview David McAlvany discusses with us the Gold and Silver markets and the problems occurring in the industry from price manipulation, with Precious Metals not performing as well as many expected could this encourage investors to go elsewhere and cause them to miss out?
    We also cover the possibility of Gold/Silver as a currency and the system supporting the masses living beyond their means!

    To get more from David: McAlvany ICA

    To get more from David: ICA Gold Company

    01:40 Uneven Inflation and its meaning
    04:30 Precious Metals as a currency and Capital Gains
    07:05 Fiat money’s value changing and Gold/Silver purchasing power
    09:40 We live in a system that supports living BEYOND our means!
    12:10 Undervalued Precious Metals and the problems of manipulation
    18:05 Bitcoin is giving the markets a glimpse of potential Gold/Silver surges!
    23:10 David’s website and more insights