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    With gold and silver at around $1,130 and $15.80, we had to get a precious metal expert on the line to discuss the recent price actions and market sentiment. Chris Marchese, of The Morgan Report, says that $1,050 for gold is very much a reality, but will likely be short-lived. He still believes that the metals are still intact and that ultimately, both gold and silver will fare well with Trump – and even a strong dollar.

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    02:20 Countries waiting to see Trump & Federal Reserve Actions
    03:25 What’s holding back Gold & Silver right now?
    04:15 Gold could bottom at $1,050 in January
    05:30 Silver Chart Technical Analysis: More Bullish
    08:15 Mining Stocks to Rise again in January 2017?
    10:25 Precious Metals still a Bull Market says Chris
    11:45 Headed for inflationary stimulus’ under Trump
    13:20 Dollar rally to 14-Year High vs Foreign currencies
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