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    The Gold-Silver forecaster is back on our show, he may be our most popular guest ever. There’s definitely been strong moves up this year, some corresponding to his direct predictions and he’s calling next month, September, THE MONTH for the huge moves he’s been talking about for years.

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    01:30 Bo’s Gold Bottom Call, Gold & Silver Market Intro
    02:40 Current Correction: Metal Price Manipulation, Final Pullback?
    06:30 $1,500 Next Gold Target
    07:45 Silver to Start Outperforming Gold Soon says Bo
    09:40 Why is Stock Market Reaching Highs? Megaphone Top
    12:30 All World Markets Topping, Gold to go Vertical
    16:20 Fed’s Delayed Rate Hike…Bond Yields Falling, Death of Dollar
    18:10 How Severe will this Crash be: Biblical Calculations
    19:20 Get out of Big Cities & Have some Food Storage
    19:50 How Mining Stocks will Fare in Predicted metals mega-rally?
    21:00 Get more from Bo Polny, final thoughts