Democracy as we have it today is a never-ending imploding cycle. Unfortunately, it is a system that accommodates the majority, rather than what is right. Immediate gratification and winning over the votes of the people become the focal points for candidates that run for office.

I was fortunate to talk with Steve Sutton, who was a Chief of Staff in the House of Representatives for more than 14 years. His perspective on the ever-growing government is insightful and eye opening as to what goes on behind the scenes in politics. We discuss topics including liberty, politics, and even how the left makes up topics such as the “war on women” to stir up emotions and gain ground.

We also discuss the Ron Paul movement, which may be seen as a loss for those who wanted to see him become the next president, but a win as far as educating people on the message behind his campaign.

Ignorance is rampant throughout the voting population, and the only way sound practices and limited government will ever be achievable is by educating people about the long-term consequences for their short-term “give me” mentality. Unfortunately, when you have an uneducated population that is voting on policies, they are easily manipulated by politicians that are pandering to emotionalism and gimmicks, made up to push through their own personal goals and agendas.

It’s in the interest of everyone’s financial success to be educated on government and politics so that education and prudence can outnumber the ignorance in our society, but maybe that is too much of an idealistic goal…