This is an incredibly interview from a very analytical mind. Government statistics these days are utter garbage. John Williams today brings decades of knowledge to the table exposing the funny numbers in unemployment, social security, healthcare, GDP growth and even the 2016 Election poll numbers and some signs of a Trump win likely. Very exciting times we live in and this interview today, be sure to check it out!

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01:30 2016 Election a Reason to Manipulate Econ Statistics
02:40 GDP is really only growing at around 1%
04:10 Real Economic Recession since 2007
09:00 Obamacare statistics released are totally doctored
11:00 Understate inflation rate boosts retail sales #’s
12:00 Real estate: Bipolar market, sales quite low
15:45 Econ Trend would predict Democrats to lose election
16:45 Clinton Policies are the same as George H.W. Bush
19:30 Employment rate decline since 2007-2008 Crash
23:45 Seasonal adjustment bullcrap, blatant fudging
25:45 Employment low officially 10%, really 23%
29:45 Consumer Sentiment Rose after Trump nomination
31:15 Money printing & new econ laws crushing Minorities
35:00 Poverty rate on the rise; don’t trust statistics
37:45 Could Donald Trump win Nov 8th election?
38:30 History of surveying political stats
41:20 Polls rigged, they don’t want Trump elected
43:30 Trump unexpected win could be similar to BREXIT
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