Harry is back to reiterate his call for massive deflation and stock market crash. This is what he’s been saying for years despite the slow progression and often opposite appearing reality (stock market & gold rallying). The long-term trends make sense that we’re overdue for another great depression but it’s really up to the world financial system whether it holds together or crashes and when is up in the air.

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02:00 Deflation Coming Despite Historic Inflationary Measures
06:40 Oil Price Crash & Frackers Will be Dead
08:00 Will be 70% Correction, Worse than 2008 by Far
12:00 Loss in Faith of Currency…Inflationary or Deflationary?
12:50 Gold could Not Back Money says Harry
16:20 US is Not Weimar Germany 1920’s
17:00 Chinese Bubble in Real Estate & more
17:45 Gold is Only in a Bear Market Rally
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