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    Fabian of ‘Fabian4Liberty’ gives his world economic & geopolitical analysis. This covers the world elite, Hyperinflation, market crashes and the coming BREXIT vote. He’s an expert on real estate investment and provides support for new investors.

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    01:05 Introduction
    01:55 Anti-Wealth & Anti-Banker Movements
    04:15 Money Printing, Asset Price Inflation Part of NWO Agenda?
    05:45 Bilderberg Meeting, World Elite Worried about Nationalism
    06:55 Two Options: Controlled Collapse VS Global Stimulus
    08:30 Dow 20,000 Likely
    10:00 How Long before Hyperinflation in the US?
    13:30 European Banks Crashing
    16:10 Serious Risk in Global Economy; China’s Central Planning will Fail Too
    17:10 Vote Rigging to Subvert the Will of the People in BREXIT Vote
    19:20 Closing Thoughts: Get More from Fabian on Economics & Real Estate

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