Anti-NWO Activist & radio host Michael Rivero slams into Hillary Clinton claiming she would bring us to Nuclear World War 3. Michael still believes Trump is on our side and will shake things up if elected President. He gives his explanation on how the economy would fare and what if Obama launches a World War 3 if Hillary were to lose?

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01:20 Introduction to Michael Rivero
02:15 2016 Election: Hillary Clinton & FBI
06:40 Hillary would take us to Nuclear World War 3 & We’d Lose
08:00 Trump Would be Better Geopolitically
10:30 Trump is a real Outsider
13:20 1996 China-Gate Clinton Scandal
14:20 Will Economy & Stock Market Crash if Trump is Elected?
14:50 Obama to Launch World War if Trump is Winning
18:00 Get More from Michael & Radio Show

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