Amir Adnani is our very special Guest today, to discuss the Uranium Sector and the huge demand as the World embraces electricity over less efficient forms of energy.
We discuss some amazing opportunities in the energy sector and Amir shares expert insights on the current outlook on Gold and what to expect if we see a Bitcoin style price breakout with Gold.

To get more from Amir:

To get more from Amir: UraniumEnergy

01:10 The importance of Uranium in the 21st Century
04:40 How much electricity demand will we see in the long term?
06:45 Overview of the Uranium sector
11:20 Uranium opportunities in the United States
16:45 UEC and its road map for 2018
31:00 Insights on Precious Metals and opportunities in Gold Mining
37:00 What happens when Gold has a Bitcoin style price rally?
42:00 Final insights and where to learn more about Uranium