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Learn About an Incredible Opportunity:

When it comes to the economy and precious metals manipulation, Andy Hoffman is second to none in terms of his knowledge and understanding of what is going on and where things are heading. The gold cartel is running on fumes, according to Andy Hoffman. The COMEX, as described by Andy, is a paper exchange with essentially no inventory. For the first time in history, June’s gold delivery demand exceeded the COMEX’s record low registered inventory. The COMEX has been used to manipulate prices downwards, and the truth is every attempt in history made to suppress precious metals prices downwards has always failed. Exposing the truth behind the COMEX’s paper exchange could be the trigger that sends precious metals through the roof.

The record low inventory of registered gold is just 370,000 ounces — worth a mere $440 million at current prices. The reality is that this is virtually nothing, and any large buyer or group of buyers could take this out by demanding delivery.  Only a mere $440 million of gold — if it even exists — is all that is keeping history’s largest fiat Ponzi scheme from imploding and sending gold soaring.