Our most veteran guest Bill Murphy gives his latest warning of the coming shortages and break of the cartel’s manipulation that has started in the beginning of 2016. The next leg up in gold & silver’s bull run is about to start and time is running out for any stackers that have came late to the game. A black swan (to mainstream investors) silver shortage could spark the catalyst for silver to lead gold where traditionally gold is the leader in price rallies.

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02:45 Interest Rates, rate hike risk, long-term rising
05:35 Silver: The Achilles heel of gold cartel
07:20 $21 Silver is key turning point, moonshot start
09:10 Does Gold lead Silver or the other way around
10:00 Physical Silver shortage risk; $100 per oz?
11:45 Cartel doesn’t want exciting headlines for metals
12:45 GATA isn’t given the credit for supporting truth
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