In this latest crypto discussion as Bitcoin surges towards $1900 and beyond we have Bitcoin Charlie to give us his thoughts on the current developments within the crypto community.
With the Altcoins also following in Bitcoin’s bullish trend we find out what Charlie’s thoughts are on them and Litecoin recently activated Segwit.

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01:45 The Bitcoin Eco System today and Precious Metals shortage!
03:35 Are we still early in Crypto Currency? Invest Now?
05:25 1% of people have invested in Bitcoin!
06:25 How likely is a huge Crypto Currency correction?
07:25 Bitcoin’s Role, Altcoin relevance and Litecoin’s potential
11:05 What happens If Bitcoin’s Market Cap is surpassed?
12:55 Weak Fiat currencies encourages Bitcoin adoption
14:50 The fear of regulations on digital Currencies and closing thoughts