A legendary investor and renowned speaker came on to CrushTheStreet.com to share his current analysis and prognosis of the economic and geopolitical disaster we have brewing in 2015. “If you give me a few trillion dollars, I’ll show you a very good time,” says the man himself as he describes the failures of the largest indebted nation in the world.

Great amounts of news has come up as of late with problems in the Chinese economy. Debt bubbles created in China to build bridges to nowhere and ghost cities could be finally bursting, as we are seeing Chinese markets beginning to falter. This year, the Shanghai Composite had a 40% correction, and the story is yet to be told on whether this is just going to be a minor correction or the first leg down of more hurt to come.

He shares his experience living in Asia and the perception of the U.S. living in the far east. When it comes to where the opportunity and trends are in these current environments, there isn’t a better person to talk to than global investor, Jim Rogers.