Precious metals guru David Morgan might be controversial at times, but he can never be accused of being a fair-weather friend to gold and silver. He’s been staunch advocate of metals ownership through the tough times, and now that gold is pushing above $1,300, his followers are reaping the rewards of his spot-on calls.

Returning to speak with Crush the Street, David Morgan provided outstanding insights and incisive analysis – as expected. Mr. Morgan is known worldwide as the publisher of The Morgan Report, available online at, and as one of the top experts on the precious metals markets.

David Morgan considers himself a big-picture macroeconomist whose main job is educating people about honest money and the benefits of a sound financial system. A dynamic, much-in-demand speaker all over the globe, David has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, and BNN in Canada. He has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Futures magazine, The Gold Report, and numerous other publications.

Fearless and always prepared with deep research, Mr. Morgan is a precious metals aficionado armed with degrees in finance and engineering. His interest in silver led him to publish the The Morgan Report, a monthly publication that covers economic news, the overall financial health of the global economy, currency issues, and the key reasons for investing in the resource sector.

Courtesy: David Morgan

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    The Morgan Report looks at the silver and gold markets each month and also explores the commodity markets and the general stock market, and is devoted to helping you make money by investing in this exciting sector. An overwhelming number of the companies outlined in his model portfolio are higher than the original recommendation.

    In speaking with Mr. Morgan, Crush the Street inquired about his view on the precious metals market now that gold has broken above the key $1,300 level. According to David Morgan, the next challenge for gold is $1,350 – but that’s only if we compare gold to U.S. dollars.

    As David points out, there are other standards of comparison for gold than the U.S. dollar: if we look at gold in terms of other currencies, such as the Canadian or Australian dollar, then we should be very happy as gold investors.

    According to David Morgan, he predicts that we’re going to have another great year for precious metals. However, don’t be surprised if the $1,300 milestone is challenged as the market tests the recent breakout, followed by a test of the $1,350 level when it gets there.

    A number of fundamental factors will help to propel the price of gold versus the dollar forward: challenges to the stock market as well as the bond market – especially on the corporate side – should prove to be drivers of gains in gold in 2019, according to David Morgan.

    One thing that David will be looking for is for silver to outperform gold percentage-wise at least two- to three-fold: for example, if gold is up 2% on a given trading day, he wants to see silver up at least 4% to 6% that day.

    Courtesy: David Morgan


    He’ll also be looking for big volume: according to David Morgan, if we see a large move in the price of gold or silver, but it’s not accompanied by strong volume, it means almost nothing and it will usually fall back to its previous price.

    Furthermore, Mr. Morgan will be looking for consistency and sustainability. The market manipulators are masters of fake price moves, according to David Morgan, and these moves generally don’t hold. That’s why he’s very careful: David would prefer to buy a little bit higher, after the trend is more clearly established.

    To get more tips and pointers on the precious metals markets, you’ll need to watch Crush the Street’s full-length interview with David Morgan. Additionally, you can read David’s timely and informative publication, The Morgan Report, at

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