Tai Zen & Leon Fu Dot Com of Cryptocurrency.market join us today to share their expert insights and advice on Bitcoin, Altcoins and trading.
We discuss a wide variety of important topics, including why it is still not too late to get into Crypto Currency, the potential for the overall Market Capital of Crypto Currencies and much more.
Importantly covered is the issue with safety and how to store and send your digital funds in a secure manner.

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02:20 It’s still early to invest in Crypto Currencies!
05:05 What should investors look for with Crypto Currencies?
10:20 There are still opportunities in Bitcoin!
17:45 Will Bitcoin be surpassed by innovative Altcoins?
22:20 Possibility of a 2014 style Bear Market and risk management
27:05 Taking profit and diversifying investments
42:20 Security and how to keep your funds safe
1:04:20 Where to find out more information from Tai and Leon