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    Geopolitical expert gives his take on the election, predicting a Trump win and potential locking up the criminals like the Clintons. He covers the scandals over the decades incredibly well and this is a must listen as the national results are about to come in.

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    03:15 Revolt Going on in Gov & FBI
    04:30 Clinton’s Murder List Continues
    06:30 Obama may pardon the crooks
    08:00 DNC Sued for rigging against Bernie
    11:30 Fake Scandals to distract from corruption
    13:10 Clinton Foundation is a giant slush fund
    16:00 If Hillary steals election, new Watergate
    18:00 CIA Drug trade, criminals high in office
    20:20 US Economy is fake, Trump elect turmoil
    22:30 Making sure Trump restores our country
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