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    Insightful interview today as we have Greg Powell, author of Better Richer Fuller. Greg has over thirty years’ experience with the financial industry.
    We are going to talk about how to grow wealthier in today’s modern economy and become successful through a career of your choice, also we go over Greg’s book and learn laser guided techniques in creating a balanced lifestyle and how to protect and pass on your life’s achievements to the next generation.

    To know more from Greg: Fi Plan Partners

    01:15 The Benefits of Financial Balance
    04:15 Key Techniques to Identify Goals and Financial Objectives
    07:15 The Essential Steps To Freedom and a Successful Career
    11:45 How to pass on and protect a Lifetimes Achievement
    19:15 Providing Value and The Power of Giving
    23:15 Greg’s Words of Wisdom and Where to learn more