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    As Bitcoin faces another critical point in its history Paul Snow shares powerful insights and goes over potential scenarios for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and the upcoming Segwit 2X Hard Fork.
    Paul also goes into depth on how Factom works and upcoming updates and events, we also explain the dynamics of Bitcoin mining and why hashing power is so volatile.

    To get more from Paul:

    02:25 Bitcoin’s supply and demand fundamentals
    04:55 Replay protection and the Segwit2X Hard Fork
    12:55 Possible scenarios after the Hard Fork
    16:15 Who is profitable when mining Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies?
    21:50 Bitcoin or Gold
    24:10 Why does the Hashing Rate fluctuate so much?
    28:40 Miners opting to mine on different Blockchains
    30:45 What is Factom and its use cases
    37:40 Incorruptible data on the Blockchain
    42:40 Interesting developments and events with Factom

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