A first time guest with a fascintating history is on today. As a marine and later Blackwater employee he served in Iraq & Afghanistan after September 11th; he learned firsthand the problems with America’s nation-building antics. After serving he became a currency trader and also is here to comment on politics, his belief is the Republican proposed Obamacare replacement actually makes the situation much worse and I’m sure some of our listeners will agree. Later on we get into a heated gun rights talk that’s quite interesting. We hope you don’t miss this great guess and broad topic coverage today!

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01:05 Jason’s service in Marines, Middle East & Blackwater After 911
02:50 Iraq War to ISIS: Where the US Government Went Wrong
04:30 Americans spending blood & money for no reason
05:40 Mass migration & Destabilization problem: Trump to fix?
08:30 Politicians don’t see consequences of their Actions
09:30 America needs a Defensive military, not offensive
12:30 Is Trump playing chicken or trying to go to War?
15:00 Republicans Sold Out: Obamacare Replacement still Socialist
16:50 Republican Bill Makes Obamacare Worse and more Expensive!
20:15 Gun Rights: Does the Left want to Take Americans Guns Away?
22:55 Government Should not Bar Consitutional Rights: No Mandatory Training for Gun Ownership
27:15 What limits should government put on what guns we can own? – The Right to Own a Tank or Nuclear Weapon
31:00 Violence Increasing in Chicago Result of Police not Doing their Job
35:30 Final Thoughts: Freedom vs Living with Risk