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    Gerald the popular trends forecaster is back on due to popular demand; Topics include the fake US recovery, negative interest rates to crash the banks, gold, global economy, world war building up and of course the approaching fascism.

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    01:10 Introduction for Gerald Celente
    01:55 Government Debt Yielding Negative
    03:50 No US Economic Recovery, Gold Price & Jobs Report
    05:30 Approaching Fascism
    06:30 NIRP Hurting the Banks
    10:30 Central Banks Have no Solution to this Crisis Now
    13:10 Gold will Do Well – Interest Rates & Federal Reserve
    14:20 Global-Nomics: Global Trends & Geopolitics
    16:20 Emerging Markets Need to Pay Back Massive Debt
    19:40 World War Drums Building Up
    21:30 Gold is the Ultimate Safe Haven Asset
    23:20 “There’s Nothing the Government Says that I Believe”
    29:15 Conclusion

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