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    Today on Crush The Street we have Craig Hemke, aka Turd Ferguson of to educate us on Gold and Silver manipulation and if the markets truly stick to their fundamentals.
    Do the banks have unlimited, deep pockets? How easily are metals manipulated and what’s the end result of this?
    Are the bullion banks at risk? Craig goes over why he thinks the market has been dead ever since 2008 and how precious metals are suppressed and manipulated.

    To get more info about Craig: TFMetals Report

    01:20 Precious Metal Manipulation
    01:45 Where is the Manipulation?
    05:45 Banks have UNLIMITED Deep Pocket
    07:15 What is the Risk for Bullion Banks?
    10:50 Gold and Silver’s Resurgence due to Trump Election
    15:40 Rate Hikes, Gold being Kept Down
    17:15 Gold Anticipates a Weaker Dollar!
    19:25 The Markets Broke and Died in 2008
    24:45 Actual Markets based on Fundamentals Don’t Exist
    25:50 Bear Market of Death
    30:15 Where to learn more about TF Metalsreport