Martin Stephan Live Interview

Released September 17, 2012

Martin Stephan is a contrarian thinker who is a resource analyst and newsletter writer living in Germany. His insight on the European economic situation is rather unique and his perspective on things comes from first hand experience right in the middle of it all. His investments and strategies are lined up accordingly to his perception of the economy. He is a very intelligent man and we had the privilege of interviewing him while at the Casey Research Summit.

Some topics of the interview included the Greece problem, investment strategies, and Brazil Resources.

If Greece defaults and if Greece exits the Euro, what will happen in Europe? … He believes the Euro will actually get stronger on the long term because it will be a weight off of the European economy’s back. Maybe Greece is expendable, but if we are talking about Spain and Italy, that might be a different story.

In regards to what he is recommending his subscribers to do, he believes holding physical is great insurance but also likes holding producing and exploring junior mining companies as well. His official recommendation is that they hold 10% of their portfolio in Brazil Resources.

When investing in companies that are not in production it comes down to the people running it. Amir Adnani is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Brazil Resources and his track record in building a mining company is why Martin says he is optimistic in Brazil Resources.