Fan favorite guest with some of the best energy & metals expertise we know is back. If you want the best raw statistics and analysis be sure to check his site. Steve’s on today to refute a few things our latest viral silver interview with Charles Savoie brought up including potential government metals nationalization. He also continues to hammer the fact that energy returned on investment (ROI) is collapsing fast, a point that Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity has been championing as well; according to Steve we’re in for a wild ride!

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01:10 Gold, Silver to Surge if/when manipulation ends?
02:50 Is there Risk for Silver Nationalization?
04:20 In 1930’s Gold to Silver Ratio 4 to 1
07:00 Gov more Likely to Grab Institutional Silver
12:50 American standard of living collapse conspiracy
17:10 Does Technology offset some energy ROI drop?
19:20 Shale oil = way more energy investment vs conventional
21:50 Food energy returned on investment dropping as well
24:50 World’s largest oil companies debt is exploding
27:20 Elite to lose control & wealth as economy blows up
29:05 Secrets to why Nixon depegged dollar from gold
32:40 Oil a big reason behind 1970’s gold price rally
36:00 US Retirement trouble: Pensions & 401k’s withdrawls up