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One of the most researched individuals when it comes to gold and silver has just been interviewed on our show – his name is Jordan Roy-Byrne. He is someone who combines both technical and fundamental analyses in the information that he shares for what he believes to be a very effective way to approach the markets. He is someone who has been featured on major news sites, including CNBC, Barrons, Financial Times, Kitco, and more. He is a renowned speaker at investment conferences and runs the site TheDailyGold.com.

He points out in this interview that mining stocks are very ripe to have a turnaround, being that we are four years into the worst bear market these companies have seen. Jordan brings to the discussion that the miners will likely precede the bull market rally of the precious metals, and potentially could take off without the rising prices of the underlying metals, being that the miners have already been so heavily beaten up. Mining stocks did peak before the metals did in the most recent bear market, followed by the precious metals peak in 2011. So in theory, mining stocks could precede the bull market in the metals before the metals actually rally. There is historical precedence for this, as it did happen in 2001, when mining stocks took off before the metals.

What are we likely to see going forward in this dynamic sector?