David Morgan, the premiere silver expert gives us the latest on Silver and the coming bull market that has only just begun. BREXIT is taking it’s toll on world economy and the dollar, despite those saying the dollar is strengthening, that is only short term.

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02:00 World Currencies: Outcome of BREXIT on World Economy
05:00 Are countries manipulating currency as Trump stated?
05:40 The United States is debasing their currency sending ripples worldwide
09:30 Gold & Silver’s incredible bull market in 2016 to Continue
14:00 Bond Yield curve flattening, stock market crash coming?
15:15 Stock Market Correction coming late in the year prediction
18:15 Silver following Gold as the fear trade
22:00 The Situation now Making Gold/Silver the best Investment
25:00 Financial Collapse Realization is going Mainstream
28:30 Mining Stocks to invest in for Max Profit