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    One of the biggest names in the precious metals industry is here with us to discuss many gold related topics including the sound money history, ETF Scam and today’s silver shortage. Of course we drill him down to get the most important aspects of how gold & silver will affect us today.

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    01:40 Gold Real Money says the Constitution
    04:30 Blueprint to go Back to Sound Money System
    06:15 Refuting Harry Dent who said Gold is Not Money
    09:00 Does the Gold Supply need to Increase with Population?
    10:35 The Problem with a Bi-Metalic System: Price Fixing
    11:40 Today’s Silver Shortage Explained & Gold Backwardation
    14:50 Insurance Companies Buy Gold Because of NIRP
    17:20 ETF Gold Sham: No Physical Backing
    20:00 James Final Thoughts: We’re in a Money Bubble
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